Striking For The Streets Online Self Protection Course
Age & fitness is no barrier to learn these simple techniques to protect you and your family
(tested & proven with over 25 years real world martial arts, military and security experience)
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What You'll Learn Inside...
Module #1 - The Platform
Discover how attackers do this PRE-ATTACK CUE  just before they throw a punch. Knowing this can mean you legitimately get to strike first!  This is what the majority of untrained thugs do right now and you should know this! Learn to understand the fight before the fight and overcome your inner nice guy!
Module #2 - Defensive Postures
Discover how answering a TELEPHONE can stop a knockout blow on your night out.  Do this and survive the sucker punch with this easy to learn skill.  Police and security forces around the world are already utilising this and you should too!
Module #3 - Upper Body Strikes
The secret strike taught to British commandos back to the 1940's that is pretty much guaranteed to finish ANY fight in seconds.  Size makes ZERO difference using this and best of all it can be learned in seconds! Also, learn how to protect your hands, know where and how to strike!
Module #4 - Lower Body Strikes
How, when and why you NEED  to use your feet and knees in a confrontation. Not doing this is like giving a GIFT  to your attacker. Nothing complicated, no years of training, just simple, easy methods that WORK !
Module #5 - Striking From The Ground
(Coming Soon!)
When it's all gone wrong and you've ended up on the ground, you MUST know what to do or else you end up beaten, assaulted or worse. These techniques are great for both men and women to help prevent them from becoming another statistic!
Over 30 Lessons Inside! 
The Number Of 'Violence With Injuries' Attacks
July 2016 To June 2017
Office Of National Statistics
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